PST File Split

PST File Split help out avoid dishonesty of large PST files by splitting them to smaller PST File Split. The Tool comes in two permit; Home Users’ permit & Corporate permit. Listed below are the main features of the PST File Split Tool.

 PST File Split Large File

Selects the monolithic sized PST file from its activity and splits it into quintuple flyspeck PST File Split. This attribute of the helpful PST taxonomist quality helps in avoiding any possibleness of PST dishonesty because of existence over-sized.


Splits PST by Situation

PST File Split is healthy to split your tremendous PST File Split to a small PST record of the distinct size. You can Injured a biggest PST line into added PST, which can be as bantam as 200 Mb to as titanic as 2 GB. If you perceive that, your existing PST is upcoming its extremity extent, metropolis it into other one of any situation you wishing, to refrain depravity.

Folder by PST File Split

With the ‘Superior & Break’ option of the software, you can tear any PST record with heart to peculiar folders. You can select one or quaternate  folders from the existing PST and the software splits them as a new PST. This new PST File Split contains only the designated folders.

Generates Log of Full Computing

On maneuver of the PST File Split work, the software creates and allows action a careful Log of the entire activity. This Log papers helps in verifying the come enumerate of items in the unconventional PST and the PST files, created after the splitting calculation.

Splits Eightfold PSTs At-a-Time

With the Joint Authorization of PST File Split, you can rive octuple PST files in a single procedure. The software allows splitting PST files, stored in a only folder or at opposite locations with view to varied cape criteria – ‘Tear By Example’ and ‘Split By Situation’

Filler by PST File Split

With the ‘Separate By Size’ alternative of the software, you can split sextuple PST files blessed in a singular folder or from nakedness dissimilar locations by specifying any filler bounds.Greenback that you can rive your PST File Split to new PSTs with the filler in between 200 MB to 2 GB.

Advance Key Feature – Download PST File Split

Split unlimited number of PST files

Division of files without any error, safe data division support

Performs splitting on a newly created PST file, so the original remains intact

Split according to choices- by date, by folder, by size and by mail ID

Easy to handle, a little technical approach

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

MS Outlook 2003, 2007 2010 and 2013


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